Although Timbertech has been a solid performer for some time their “wood look” options have been problematic. The original Earthwood, a conventional wood/plastic composite was one of the better looking boards available and the first with a decent hidden fastener solution. Unfortunately it scratched very easy and it’s smooth finish did little to hide any damage that occurred. Presumably Evolutions hoped to address this issue adding a co-extruded construction to the board and deeper colors with a textured finish. I’m afraid the R&D department dropped the ball on this one. The polymer layer (the co-extruded part) is both too thin and not nearly hard enough and the textured finish is not enough so. I found during the install process that it was difficult to not incur incidental damage. Impacts from tools or as fine as a piece of gravel in a boot would leave significant marring on the surface and the light texture did little to obscure this. I find it hard to imagine it looking very good down the road even under typical home wear conditions.Decking solutions from Azek, Trex and Fiberon all have much harder polymer layers and resist damage much better. I’m afraid that as a professional I would have to decline the opportunity to install this product again, too bad bacause it does have a nice appearance.

   Timbertech has many other fine products but, I cannot recommend Earthwood Evolutions.